“Best decision I’ve made in my adult life. These seemingly small issues that were once troubling me have now been eradicated. Thanks to David, his patience with me and helping me to explore why I felt badly about myself, I’ve changed my thinking.  I’ve never felt so sure that I can be confident in who I am.

I will be forever grateful for this experience and for David’s help and support.  Even though he says that ‘It’s been me’ that’s done the work, that is not true! He’s been an incredible listener and said some things that will always stick with me. I would recommend counselling to anyone who is suffering – whether it is big or small issues”

Female ClientAged 20’s

“Dave is an amazing counsellor and has changed my life for the better. A massive thanks to him!”

Female ClientAged 20’s

“I’m well on my way to 50 lb’s off and it’s all thanks to Dave. I honestly can’t thank him enough for all that he’s done for me.  I’m like a new woman!! He persevered with me when others might have given up and I truly appreciate it”

Female ClientAged 40’s

“Dave is awesome.  Our relationship made the sessions feel safe and I was able to speak openly and honestly – something I have not been able to do previously with anyone”

Female ClientAged 20’s

“It’s been a valuable and enjoyable process; I would recommend Dave as a counsellor”

Male ClientAged 30’s

“Felt I connected well and quickly with Dave.  Created a very relaxed environment making it easier to discuss my problems”

Male ClientAged 20’s

“Dave’s a top bloke never felt I couldn’t say something and always felt at ease during his sessions. Whole process was great, from my first assessment to last session it was easy and quick.  Many thanks and best wishes for the future”

Male ClientAged 40’s

“Dave has helped me massively in overcoming some issues that were preventing me to live my life to the fullest.  I feel like we built a great patient-therapist relationship and I always felt welcome and listened to”

Female ClientAged 30’s

”Dave helped me to become the person I wanted to be and helped me to realise that I am not a bad person”

Male Client Aged 20’s

“Being able to talk to an independent person about my issues has helped put everything into perspective and rationalise it better than I could manage myself.  Being able to pick apart why I feel certain ways about my situation has helped me to understand why I think the way that I do and introducing me to positive thoughts and actions has helped.  Thank you Dave”

Female ClientAged 40’s

“Dave was great, I was worried going in, but he made me feel really comfortable and able to show emotion (which I can struggle with).  If I needed future counselling I would want to come back to him”

Female ClientAged 20’s

“I have benefited enormously from my sessions with Dave.  I don’t know what he’s done but it worked!  My anxiety has lessened, and I feel more able to cope with everything!  I honestly can’t thank him enough and I have recommended him to a number of people”

Male ClientAged 30’s

“I would like to thank Dave for helping me to turn my life around and for his continued patience”

Female ClientAged 20’s

“I’ve felt incredibly comfortable talking to Dave.  He’s helped me understand myself better and given me the tools to progress moving forward.  I’m optimistic about the future and challenges ahead”

Female ClientAged 20’s

”Dave has helped me come so far from when I turned up 12 sessions ago.  I feel that I can move forwards and resolve the issues in my personal relationship, thank you!”

Male clientAged 50’s

”Really recommend to anyone, happy that I came!”

Male clientAge 30’s

”Dave thank you so much for all your help and guidance.  You genuinely saved my life, and I’ll always be grateful for it.”

Female clientAge 20’s

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